'Time with Contemporary Yoga is all about coming home to yourself, body, mind, soul and heart. For me, it has been about finding all the layers of myself and learning to love and accept them, and then trying to pass something of those teachings on to others. Contemporary Yoga is about aligning to yourself and to the universe around you, about strengthening a sense of connection. Marianne, Charlie and Eva are doing something special, their work is very genuine, very compassionate, nurturing and safe. For me the sense of safety comes from the fact that Contemporary Yoga is grounded in a deep acceptance of what is real, the shadow, pain and challenges of life, and looking all of that in the face, and finding ways to move with it. Contemporary Yoga is a beautiful path, it has given me the invitation to breathe wherever I am, to be tender to myself whatever's going on.'

Grace Wells

Doing the Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training was one of the best choices I have made. Learning from good teachers, in a supportive group, we all had the opportunity to stretch and grow. I learned much more than just asana, pranayama etc. I learned to treat my body with reverence and gratitude, to attune to it more, to accept where I am in time and space. The course was a great combination of practical, theoretical and mystical. I thoroughly recommend it”. MC (Name and address supplied)

'The contemporary yoga teaching way was different in that it wasn't all about the postures and everyone creating the same shape. It allowed for the individual and I think that is a strength that should be emphasised, so many times over the years I have been injured in yoga classes where a teacher has pushed my body to mimic a posture that anatomically was not possible for me, this too has taught me that we dont all have to be in exactly the same pose, its how the pose feels internally for the person that is important.
I hope that the new students will enjoy their journey as much as I did.'

Ann Ward Carroll

With regard to feedback on the Contemporary Yoga (2003-2005) course:
The course I attended suited me very well at the time, I was already teaching, reading on my own and had already been three years in psychotherapy. Contemporary Yoga, with its emphasis on connecting to the self, experiential group work, voice work, dance, authentic movement, gestalt, psychotherapy, and self inquiry was wonderful.  There were many tools and devices used to help the very different students connect.
Also the circle work and the residential weekend marking the beginning and ending of each phase worked very well.
'The teaching on the course encouraged me to look at what is there in me already and connect to that rather than what is not. There was also space to find my own points of interest in the yoga tradition.
I value kindness in my teachers and I found this in Contemporary yoga.
I value the freedom to ask questions if in doubt and I was met.
I value that my teachers are vulnerable, have a point of view and don’t always know the answers – these also were met on the course. 
The love you (Marianne and Charlie) had both in the teaching of yoga and the development of your students was apparent to me… this steadiness helped me to become steady myself.
The videoing exercise – was tough and provided valuable insights.
Being taught how to give feedback to my peers was valuable.
I found the learning of yoga through the chakra system – valuable.
 I think the course is unique.'

Johanna (Full name and address suplied on request)

'I often get asked what had the most influence on my life to date and without doubt it has to be the CY training with you and Marianne.'

Fran McCarthy